As a coach, Ezna Groenewald walked beside me challenging my limiting beliefs and cheering me on.  She’s equal parts motivator, accountability partner, sounding board, and truth-teller.  Ezna is a heart-centred and authentic coach, who not only knows her stuff, but she knows people! — Crystal Zvacek (Saskatoon, SK)


There are times in life when we want to stretch ourselves to improve. Mastermind groups offered a safe and focused place for people to come together on a regular basis and drill down around leadership principles. Mastermind groups have been an incredible experience for me and I would recommend it! — Daymond Volk, Advisor with Sun Life Financial (Saskatoon, SK)

The Leadership Mastermind group has brought together a group of people with diverse backgrounds. This diversity challenges us to see things from the perspective of others. At times we are forced to think out of our box, to dig deep and do better. It has pushed me to identify areas of weakness that have become opportunities for growth. — Tammy Richmond, Certified Financial Planner with Soterra Financial Group Ltd. (Saskatoon, SK)

As an entrepreneur I’ve quickly learned that I need to be very selective of what I say yes to, but since joining this group of real, imperfect yet incredible people there has not been a single moment where I wished I had said no. Though many of us did not previously know each other, our relationships have evolved into healthy, activating, and family-like bonds that will not soon be broken. — Mike Payne, Partner at Fancy Creative Studio (Saskatoon, SK)

I have come to approach my day-to-day routines with far more intention and purpose. I have already witnessed, first-hand, the positive impact that my new focus and awareness of my leadership and role has had within my staff. — Brody Morris, Principal with Saskatchewan K-12 School

The mastermind group is a great way to connect with others who are committed to living their best life and reaching their potential. It helped me to clarify what my goals were in my life, and to make the concrete steps to make them happen. The group connected at an authentic level from the first meeting, and I felt that I truly had my own personal board of directors helping me achieve my goals, and I was able to be a part of seeing others clarify and reach their goals. — Sherri Harty, Management Consultant and Yasodhara Yoga Teacher (Saskatoon, SK)

As someone who has enjoyed John Maxwell books for years, I was intrigued at the idea of sitting with a group to discuss the content of Maxwell’s books. What I did not expect was how the subject matter would engage us in deep, meaningful conversations that have allowed us to connect in a way completely different than any other ‘group’ I have been involved with. What started out as a bunch of individual professionals with minimal to no knowledge of one another has become a group of colleagues (friends) who are fierce champions of one other. — Lisa Low, Corporate Account Executive with Wireless City a TELUS Business (Saskatoon, SK)

It gave me incredible insight into my role as a leader at Breathe Cycle and Yoga Studio. If you are a Game Changer seeking guidance to take your leadership to the next level, do not hesitate reach out to them. — Dorman Baltazar of Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio (Saskatoon, SK)

Now that I have done it I would pay whatever it cost and would borrow the money if I had to just to attend. — Bert Sutherland of BERT radio online.com (Saskatoon, SK)

Ron and Ezna both bring very unique perspectives to engage and encourage group discussion. I loved being a part of the group and learning from everyone's different views. — Lucienne Van Langen, CEO of Luminary Design (Saskatoon, SK)

I can honestly say that Ron and Ezna have been invaluable facilitators of personal positive change. Thank you for the new discovery and growth! — Drew Elder (Saskatoon, SK)

It has improved my life at work and home in SO many ways. Ron and Ezna do such a great job leading conversations and drawing people out and really helping the material to sink in. — Paul Vass, President of Kota Graphics (Saskatoon, SK)

Lift’s weekly mastermind group studies reintroduced me to leadership and happiness material in a fresh way.  The material we studied came to life in masterminds, whether that was because of examples from other local leaders, coaching from the facilitators Ron Morris and Ezna Groenewald, or its practical application to my life.  I fell in love with learning all over again. — Crystal Zvacek (Saskatoon, SK)

Training & Speaking

Ron facilitated a team retreat and training for us.  We were extremely pleased with his work. Ron's engaging, no nonsense delivery and on-point content were very enjoyable and educational for our team members. Ron truly enjoys what he does and is very good at it. I would highly recommend him!  — Bill Madder, Chief Executive Officer with the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors® (Saskatoon, SK)

The presentation was informative, fast-paced, entertaining, engaging and very relevant for the youth at the suicide prevention rally. It was one of the rally highlights.  We would definitely recommend working with Ezna and her team at Lift Leadership Coaching.” — Sara Wheelwright, Owner of Trusted Marketing Services on Behalf of Ignite the Life Organizing Committee (Saskatoon, SK)



Content was King. Great presenters. Great breakfast. — Shelley Keyes : Founder of S.K. Transitions

Sold out venue. Flow of event was great. Great speakers.Sara Wheelwright, Owner of Trusted Marketing Services on Behalf of Ignite the Life Organizing Committee (Sasakatoon, SK)

Great venue.  Easy registration.  Assigned seating.  All at the right price. Jacqueline Zabolotney, Director of Learning with the Association of Saskatchewan Realtors®

Excellent Presentation/Speakers.  Great venue. Great Breakfast. — Todd MacPherson, MD at Parkinson Canada

Great presentation, facility, speakers and snacks.  Great job. — Rhonda Schuler-Iula, Co-Owner Decora Homes (Saskatoon, SK)

Great presentations, and nice venue. — Jill Sauter,  Founder of Jill Sauter Marketing & Communications (Saskatoon, SK)



we honour you as the driver and expert in your own life.

Lift Leadership Coaching inspires growth-focused businesses and people to get unstuck and transform.  We guide you or your team through masterminding, training, or coaching in a process of self-discovery where we honour you as the driver and expert in your own life.

If you’re like us you want to make a significant difference with your life and in the lives of others.  You’re equally committed to excelling at work and succeeding at life.  You strive to grow, get better, and reach your potential. You want to leave a lasting impact on your world.