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Core learning systems

To help you transform, we use mastermind groups, one-on-one or group coaching sessions, customized training programs, and signature events.

Each Lift Leadership’s service leverages our core learning systems and are designed to inspire and challenge you not just to learn, but practice what you learned. 

Combine + Customize Services

While there is value in each of our services individually, the true power comes from finding a unique blend of services to meet your goal. 

Click below to watch "Your Best Self: LIFT Leadership" with certified coach Ron Morris to learn about what Lift Leadership Coaching does.


Think about it - a one day training session or annual event may be just what your organization needs to kick-start new thinking or learn a new skill.  But for transformation to occur, you have to un-learn what you have learned and re-learn new habits.  This is where weekly masterminds or ongoing coaching sessions excel. These services further embed learnings and support transformation due to their practical and repetitive nature.


If you or your team is looking for an honest outside perspective, a sounding board, or a trusted mentor and advisor, coaching may be the right solution for you.

We offer you the choice of either individual or group coaching sessions.   All coaching sessions are private and confidential either onsite, by phone or video conferencing.  Lift coaches combine humour, sensitivity, and a down-to-earth approach to help you or your team visualize new perspectives and identify roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your true potential.

Mastermind Groups

If you or a small team wants to unleash your personal growth, accelerate your career or business, and learn from other top local business leaders, then our weekly facilitator-led mastermind groups are for you.

Mastermind groups are a gathering of 6 to 12 like-minded people who meet regularly to study one core learning system, share insights, and brainstorm together.  There is a synergistic energy, commitment, accountability, and excitement that unite participants. Because masterminds require you to practically apply the material over time, this helps form new habits and increases the content's stick-ability.



If you or your organization has an issue or topic you want to address with a large group of employees, training may be the catalyst you need to learn a skill, shift perspectives, and transform.

Whether you need a keynote presentation, an ongoing course, an afternoon workshop, a lunch and learn seminar, youth event, or a leadership retreat, our trainers and speakers can build fun and interactive custom training solutions.   We partner with you to identify and close gaps using one or a combination of our core learning systems.  The results - higher retention levels, better morale, and a stronger bottom line.


If you or your team are looking for a leadership-focused professional development opportunity, consider our signature events, such as LIVE2LEAD.

LIVE2LEAD is a half-day, leader development simulcast experience designed to equip you with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways. Learn from world-class leadership experts and start leading with renewed passion and commitment.  LIVE2LEAD is held live in Atlanta, GA and simulcast to more than 300 host sites and 40,000 people around the world, including right here in Saskatoon.



find the right recipe of services to meet your goals and budget.

  • Customizing Services: Each of our services can be tailored specifically to meet your goals, budget, and schedule.  Let us know where we can add value to your life, team or business.
  • Combining Services: While there is value in each of our services individually, the true power comes from finding a unique blend of services to meet your goal.  
  • Apply for Grants: Our mastermind courses, customized training programs, and events qualify for a CanSask Job Grant.  This means your professional development budget can stretch further than before.

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee - We assume all of the risk.

After taking a mastermind course, engaging in a business training program, or attending a Lift event, if you haven't seen a significant improvement in your organization or personal life, we will return 100% of your money.

Between grants and our guarantee you have nothing to lose.

Clearly Lift found a ‘recipe’ that will surely captivate those looking for some ‘thing’ different; something that will add value to your day to day life immediately, inspire you in all areas of your life and hopefully introduce you to some interesting characters that will enrich your journey.
— Lisa Low, Corporate Account Executive with Wireless City a TELUS Business (Saskatoon, SK)