Decisions, Decisions..

Did you ever consider how many decisions you are forced to make in a day? Get up now or hit ‘snooze?’ Get up now or hit ‘snooze again? You are still in bed, and you’ve already made two decisions. Shower or bath? Hygiene or food first? If food, what for breakfast? Eggs or yogurt?  Toast or fruit? Bacon or double bacon? After shower, what to wear? Sports coat or casual? Boxers or briefs?

This decision making is amplified for the ladies whose clothing, shoe, and accessory options are far greater than those of the male population.

Which route to work? Stop for dry cleaning now or on the way home? Stop for Tim’s?

We are still not at work, where we have to decide a number of times a day when is the best time to check e mail (Way to frequently for most of us).   And we still haven’t decided who the best cartoon character, Betty or Veronica is?

Decisions, like willpower are exhausting, and they don’t come in an infinite supply. Making decisions,when tired from making decisions, often leads to two not so good things:(a) you make a bad decision, or (b) you make no decision. If you want to save time and be happier, it’s in your best interests to develop systems and habits.

Pre-plan meals, start breakfast the night before. Plan your wardrobe for the week. Gas up the night before the work week starts.  That’s preferable to deciding to cross traffic on a busy commute to get to the nearest gas station, or walk those few kilometres to work.

We are all mere bundles of habits’ according to William James, about a hundred years ago. And the more we master those habits, and alleviate the need to make as many decisions as we are currently, you save time, stress, and get a little closer to your Happy Place.



Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

Ron Morris