core learning systems

Any of the core learning systems can be integrated into a mastermind group, one-on-one or group coaching session, customized training program, or signature event.  

Lift Leadership Coaching's core learning systems include:

  • General personal and professional development topics
  • Youth-focused topics

General TOPICS

Developing The Leader within You 2.0.jpg

developing the leader within you 2.0 - John C. Maxwell 

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Develop your vision, values ,influence and motivation as a leader.

In this course, we work through the thoroughly revised and updated 25th-anniversary edition of John C Maxwell's now-classic work, Developing the leader within you 2.0. John reveals how to develop the vision, value, influence, and motivation required of successful leaders. Chapters include topics such as : The 5 Levels of Leadership, priorities, attitude, character, etc.

Twenty-five years ago, John Maxwell published the book that forever transformed how we think about leadership. Developing the Leader Within You revolutionized the way leaders are made and in the process sold more than one million copies. Now John Maxwell returns to his classic text to include the leadership insights and practices he’s learned in the decades since the book first appeared. With two completely new chapters, this new edition updates the foundational principles for transformative leadership that Maxwell has used as a leader for more than 40 years. No matter what arena you are called to--family, church, business, nonprofit--the principles Maxwell shares will positively impact your own life and the lives of those around you. 

Intentional Living - John C. Maxwell 

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Find Your Purpose, Live Life Intentionally

Choose a life that matters.  We all have a longing to be significant. We want to make a contribution, to be a part of something noble and purposeful. But many people wrongly believe significance is unattainable. They have an amazing idea, but believe the must be a certain age, have a lot of money, or be powerful to make a real difference.

The good news is that none of those things is necessary for you to achieve significance and create a lasting legacy. The only thing you need to achieve significance is to be intentional. And to do that, all you need to do is start. 

The Intentional Living mastermind course will help you take that first step, and the ones that follow, on your personal path through a life that matters.

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth - John C. Maxwell

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Develop Sense of Purpose, Shift Perspectives

In order to reach your potential, you must be intentional about personal growth. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth mastermind will help you understand how personal growth really works, and how you can develop yourself to become a more effective and fulfilled individual.  You will learn how to build up your sense of purpose and become more successful in every area of your life. Join us in your growth journey to become the person you are destined to be!

Leadership Gold - John C. Maxwell 

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Learn to Lead Leaders, Increase Leadership Ability, Become Resilient

Have you ever said to yourself it’s lonely at the top or wondered how to hold up under criticism?  

The Leadership Gold mastermind answers this question and more.  These 26 gold nuggets address various aspects of leadership, such as developing relationships, nurturing tomorrow’s leaders, and recognizing and responding to “defining moments”.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn - John C. Maxwell 

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Overcoming Defeat

Every one of us has experienced a disappointing loss in our own personal growth or leadership. How we have responded to those mistakes, errors, slips in judgment or just plain missing the goal impacts us even now. No bad experience has to ultimately defeat us.  The Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose mastermind helps light the path to a more fulfilling life by examining loss, not from measuring what one does not have, but how loss can bring abundance.


Becoming A Person of Influence - John C. Maxwell

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Increase Your Influence, Increase Emotional Intelligence

Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence. In this mastermind, learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts.  With influence, you can achieve success at home and at work.

  • Managers will see their employees respond with new enthusiasm
  • Parents will connect with their children on a deeper level
  • Salespeople will break records

Everybody Communicates Few Connect - John C. Maxwell

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Increase Communication Skills

Only One Thing Stands Between You and Success. It Isn’t Experience. It Isn’t Talent.  If you want to succeed, you must learn how to connect with people. In the Everyone Communicates, Few Connect mastermind learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection, including the 5 Connection Principles:

  1. Finding Common Ground
  2. Keeping Your Communication Simple
  3. Capturing People’s Interest
  4. Inspiring People
  5. Staying Authentic in all Your Relationships

How to be a Real Success - John C. Maxwell

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Get Unstuck, Increase Performance

Success is not a destination. It is a process – a lifelong strategy of building on strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and focusing on the people and points of life that are most important. In the How to be a REAL Success mastermind you will learn the keys you need to succeed in life. Whether you are a civil servant or a corporate executive, you will achieve great things by understanding four very important success building areas: Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership.


Put Your Dream to the Test – John C. Maxwell 

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Achieve Your Dreams, Live Intentionally, Reach Your Purpose

Your dream has power. It can inspire you. It can empower you. But will it reward you.  The Put Your Dream to the Test mastermind shows you how to do the things needed to make your dream come true. Most people fail to realize their potential because their dream remains hypothetical. Learn to crystallize your vision and how to answer ‘yes’ to questions like:

  • Is my dream really my dream?
  • Am I depending on factors in my control to achieve my dream?
  • Have I included the people I need to realize my dream?
  • Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?
Cracking the Happiness Code pic.jpg

cracking the happiness code

-based on book: "The Happiness Advantage"  – Shawn Achor

Ideal if Your Goal is to: Increase Efficiency, Get Unstuck, Reducing Stress

Hard work and conventional success, doesn't equal happiness.  This discovery has been proven by rigorous research. Cracking The Happiness Code mastermind explores how we can reprogram our brains to become more positive in order to gain a competitive edge at work.  True happiness isn't about unicorns and rainbows; it takes work.  The 7 practical, actionable, and proven principles demonstrate how we can capitalize on the Happiness Advantage.   It’s about how to reap the benefits of a happier and more positive mind-set to achieve the extraordinary in our work and in our lives.



Youth Topics

YouthMAX Plus

Youth are not the generation of tomorrow they are the generation of today.  Bullying, failure, suicidal thoughts, low self-image, and poor character decisions are at the heart of many of the challenges facing young people today.  The YouthMAX Plus program helps empower youth to maximize their leadership potential and add value to others.  

This program inspires and equips KIDS (ages 8-11) and TEENS (ages 12 and older) to value themselves and others, by developing and maintaining a positive self-image, showing compassion to others, persevering in the midst of adversity, and creating a daily routine of successful attitudes and behaviour. 

Nick Vuijcic + John C. Maxwell

Nick Vuijcic + John C. Maxwell

Through engaging and interactive sessions, youth will learn how self-leadership allows them to be a positive influence with their family, teachers and their peers. This program is based on the teachings of leadership expert John C. Maxwell and the YouthMAX ambassador Nick Vuijcic. Born with no arms and no legs Nick has overcome life’s challenges and shares insights on developing a positive self-image, persevering in the midst of adversity, and creating a daily routine of successful attitudes and behaviour.

This content can also be customized to meet your groups' specific needs.

Sessions are presented by Ezna, our YouthMaxPlus certified coach.

Sponsorship: Would you and or your company or business like to sponsor Ezna to take this program into a local school or youth initiative?  Let us know.


Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn course (For teens)

Any setback - a championship loss, a bad grade, or a botched audition - can be seen as a step forward when TEENS (ages 12 and older) possess the right tools to turn that loss into a gain of knowledge. 

The Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn for Teens course provides a roadmap for becoming a true learner, someone who wins in the face of problems, failures, and losses. This young readers edition features all-new stories of real-life figures that overcame adversity early in their lives. These include entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, Olympic Gold Medalists, Gabby Douglas and Mikaela Shiffrin, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Malala Yousafzai.


I have already witnessed, first-hand, the positive impact that my new focus and awareness of my leadership and role has had within my staff.
— Brody Morris - Principal, K-12 School
Our relationships have evolved into healthy, activating, and family-like bonds that will not soon be broken. Ezna and Ron have done a phenomenal job of facilitating discussion, encouraging vulnerability, and developing connection from start to finish
— Mike Payne, Partner at Fancy Creative Studio
It gave me incredible insight into my role as a leader at Breathe Cycle and Yoga Studio. If you are a Game Changer seeking guidance to take your leadership to the next level, do not hesitate to reach out to them.
— Dorman Baltazar of Breathe Cycle & Yoga Studio