Coaches + Trainers

Together our coaches bring 20+ years of experience in coaching and training. Each of our leadership coaches are certified members of The John Maxwell Team - an international team of master leadership and professional development coaches, speakers and trainers.

Using John C. Maxwell’s proven methods, together with our core learning systems the Lift Leadership team co-pilots your journey of personal growth and professional development to propel you toward transformation.

Why We Joined The John Maxwell Team?

Like Lift Leadership Coaching, John C. Maxwell’s mission is to add value to people and make a difference in this world through leadership development.  The John Maxwell Team’s proven systems excited us.  We saw how they complemented our values and strengths, as well as enhanced our ability to make a greater difference in your life.

John C. Maxwell is an acclaimed leadership expert having trained 6+ million leaders.  You may also know him as a best-selling author and internationally renowned speaker.  In 2014, John C. Maxwell was identified as the #1 leader in business by the American Management Association® and the most influential leadership expert in the world by Business Insider and Inc. magazine.


Ron Morris, Lift's Co-founder, shares our breadth of experience and why John C. Maxwell.

Our Coaches


Ezna has a desire to draw out the potential in others and to empower them in their personal and professional pursuits. Her giftedness and passion for adding value to others has allowed her the opportunity to lead in various fields, including business management, sales, marketing, facilitation and training. Her 20+ years of leadership and volunteer experience includes government, non-profit and business sectors.

In addition to being a certified John Maxwell coach, Ezna graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa with a degree in commerce.

She has always taken an active part in her community and describes herself as a “serial volunteer”.  Ezna shares freely and authentically about her journey through many challenges. She has also worked extensively with youth and loves to raise their leadership lid as she teaches YouthMax Plus, etc.


As someone who values relationship above all else, Ron desires to encourage leadership that is intentionally modeled, executed, and taught in a climate of mutual respect.

Prior to becoming a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, and teacher, Ron owned and operated a training/consulting company for 20+ years. In addition to his valuable experience as a business owner, Ron is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Program, and is licensed in DISC Programs and Tracom’s Social Styles.

Ron has also authored a book titled The Power of WOW! which emphasizes the importance of valuing customer service above the bottom line.

The leaders of the mastermind group, Ezna Groenewald and Ron Morris, fully embody the teachings of John Maxwell, and are skilled leaders and facilitators who help others reach their potential. We are very fortunate to have these leaders offering such a program in Saskatoon.
— Sherri Harty, Management Consultant and Yasodhara Yoga Teacher
Ron and Ezna both bring very unique perspectives to engage and encourage group discussion.
— Lucienne Van Langen, CEO of Luminary Design
I can honestly say that Ron and Ezna have been invaluable facilitators of personal positive change.
— Drew Elder